Hey, you!

Welcome to my personal travel blog. I started this blog about five years ago to document my travel stories. I never expected anyone to read it, except my Mom. But, then one year it won the award for Best Travel and Expat Blog at the Canadian Blog Awards. So I gave myself a pat on the back and started updating it more frequently. (I do fall off the wagon sometimes)

I am a Canadian journalist and self-proclaimed globe-trotter. I’m a proud Canadian from Toronno (sic), but my wanderlust has taken me to all of the six inhabitable continents. I have lived in India, Ethiopia, Denmark, Singapore, England and Australia, and travelled to an additional 40-something countries. I am an instagram addict, a hopeless documentarian and a recovering vegetarian.

These days I float between London and Copenhagen.

I am currently freelancing (likely from an artisanal coffee shop, in love with my Canon 60D, and probably planning my next adventure.

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  1. How fab! Just back from a couple days stop in London on my way back from Canada to my adopted home – India. While never on my radar as a place to ‘live’ from previous trips in the late 80s, could actually see it as a possibility if my partner and I ever decide it is time to move on from India. Bravo for making it happen and am delighted to have stumbled across your blog… see lots of interesting posts!!!

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