Hello world!

So I think blogging is cool. Some of my friends have these artistic, cool and philosophical blogs and I think it’s really cool. Wow, I just used cool three times in two sentences. You must already be judging my poor variety of vocabulary but I promise I’ll work on it, once I have a better hang at this blogging thing.

Anyways, since I think blogging is cool, I’m going to do it. And be committed to it. It’s like back in 2008 when I thought veganism was cool and stopped eating meat and dairy one day. I literally woke up one morning and said to myself that I was going to be vegan. I liked my tree-hugger days. It was nice to be so committed to something. And then, I started getting sick more often. I lost a lot of weight (not in an attractive way) and by summer 2009 I spent a whole week in bed and had to cancel a trip to Cuba (sorry, Allyson – I apologize to her until today).

Lesson learnt: try new things but do them properly. So I am going to do blogging properly (whatever proper blogging is), frequently, honestly and try to make it fun. Any suggestions on what makes an interesting blog is more than welcome.

Other than the fact that I am veggie-lover, I am journalism student at RyersonUniversity and in eight months I’ll be a journalist, not a journalism student. To be a precise, I will be a broke, unemployed, indebted journalist. Unless Daily Planet decides to hire me! And that’s where I am interning right now until mid-December.

I also like taking photos, doing stand-ups (and then critiquing them), traveling (although it’s been over a year since my last wild trip – its depressing really), reading 9gag among other things.

My friend Phoenix just gave me my first blogging tip – don’t rant and blog about yourself. Oops… sorry! I am still going to post this and think of something smart in the meantime.


Fall brings out my happy colours

I ❤ Fall

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