Top 10 of 10

On my drive back from Daily Planet, I was listening to 680 News‘ poll question: which was the top news story of 2010 in my opinion? Since I have a blog, you can understand that I may be slightly more opinionated than checking off a poll questions. Result? This post.

I recap the Top 10 events of 2010 that were important to me as a journalist, student and Torontonian.

10. The Forgotten Flood


The July monsoon rains triggered an unexpected rise in the Indus river’s water levels, leaving a fifth of Pakistan under water at one point. The numbers were heart-breaking: 20 million displaced; 2,000 people dead; 10 million herds of livestock disappeared; over $43 billion in damages to the economy; and $45 million raised worldwide for aid.

That is 17 times less than what was sent to Haiti for disaster relief.

9. The Gravy Train

I was driving west on Gerrard street. It was around 9 p.m. I had just picked up on my friend Phoenix to go have dinner — that’s when I heard. Rob Ford was the new mayor of Toronto.

It still hasn’t sunk in. Maybe it will when city hall bursts up in flames of debt and mismanagement.

PS: I wish I could vote then.

8. Would you like us to see you naked or feel you up?

TSA introduced body scanners towards the end of the year. Problems with it? Harmful laser beams, a security official seeing the curves of your body and leaked images from scanners. But wait, you have a choice if you are crossing through the U.S. – you can let a TSA official pat you down, very thoroughly, before you board your plane. That is if you are okay with a random rubbing his/her hands against your privates.

Win – win situation, eh!

7. G20

Billions spent on security measures and an artificial lake. Tax payer money given out in form of iPads to visiting officials. Broken windows on Yonge street. Police cars on fire. Hoards of protesters. Police brutality. Adam Nobody. Chief Bill Blair.

Need I say more?

6. FIFA fever

Apart from football, teams and players, FIFA 2010 made headlines for a lot of other reasons. Starting off with nervousness about the South African hosts. Then the Vuvuzela became synonymous passionate football fans. But the biggest news was the MVP of summer. No, not Diego Forlan. Not Wesley Sneijder. Not even David Villa.

Paul, the Octopus, stole the show.

5. He Shoots He Scores

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 were a proud moment for Canadians.

Hosting the Olympics in Beautiful B.C. – reason to to be proud.

Breaking the record by winning the most gold medals at a single winter Olympics – proud.

68th minute of the Canada-US men’s hockey final – so proud!

4. WikiLeaks

Sarah Palin wants Julian Assange dead. So automatically, I already like him.

Assange, the leader of WikiLeaks, dumped 200,000 secret government documents all over the internet. WikiLeaks was shut down and then resurrected. A new wave of Digital Defenders is on the rise to protect their faith. The debate continues and will into the next year.

Do I think this was a smart decision for world peace and international relations? No.

Do I think Julian Assange has some serious cojones and is borderline awesome? Yes.

3. Chilean miners

33 miners. 69 days. New technology. The entire world praying for them, and watching a live streaming of their rescue.

I think this was the most heart-warming story of 2010 and my hope in humanity continues.

Then the Conservatives killed the ethical mining bill.

2. BP’s  blunder

Undoubtedly the most disastrous environmental fopaux I’ve seen in my 21 years of existence (the Exxon Valdez oil spill was happening while I was an embryo).

One hundred and eighty five – 185 – MILLION gallons of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. Underwater cameras revealed the failure of BP’s daily operations. Environmentalists screaming on top of their lungs. Public interested flamed. Then the leak covered. Oil almost cleared. Sea life affected forever. Changes to regulations to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

Oh, yeah right – none.

1. Haiti

On Jan. 12th, Port-au-Prince was rocked with the most cataclysmic earthquake in recent history. 230,000 people dead. Hundreds and thousands were injured. The world came together as a community to help in disaster relief. Musicians and celebrities had the perfect opportunity (25th anniversary) to re-create We are the World. CNN news anchors became overnight humanitarian heroes. Then reports of rape started. An epidemic of cholera set in.

What will the world be singing in 2011?

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