The Diary of a Young Swimmer

My eyes are still burning from the chlorine, my abs feel like they got sucker-punched 13 times and there is still water in my ears. I just got back from my first ever official swimming lesson.

Yup, 21 years old and I can’t swim. I can doggie paddle and go from point A to point B relatively calmly than most non-swimmers, but I have never been taught the techniques. So, half as a new year’s resolution and half due to a voice in my head that said ‘enough is enough’, I enrolled in Adult Teen swimming lessons at a community pool in Mississauga.

The first challenge today was to find the pool. I eventually found it – fifteen minutes late for my class. Panicked slightly and ran to the pool. I had only missed a breathing exercise and some intros. The first thing I did was kicking practice. There is a mini-tsunami in the pool when I kick because I splash my feet on the surface of the water – and I do it really hard. To calm the kicking storm was the next challenge that I worked on today. Then I did some more breathing practice. My instructor, Tara, told me I was better than most people in the class. Woohoo!

So, no more life-jacket-diapers (*cough* camping trip) and no more life-saving tubes by the sailboat captain (*cough* Santorini). I am determined to be an independent woman, in and out of water. And today was just a start. I’ll keep you updated on if this mission floats or sinks.

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