Linguistic Limbo

I am going to Nicaragua in less than a month and I finally decided to brush up on my Spanish. I’ve taken four levels of Spanish and spent a month in Costa Rica living with a Tica family – so I safely concluded my language skills would still be on their A game.

Uhhm… No!

It’s been eight months since I studied the language and longer than that since I had the opportunity to practice it with a native speaker. In fact, I’ve been practicing counting in French and Bounjour-ing and Oui-ing for the last year, which has further eroded my fluency of the language. This got me thinking, can a skill like knowing a language rust away?

Then I tried to write in Punjabi. I can obviously still speak it and claim that I can read and write it, but when I actually tried – whoops, slowest written sentence of my life. I could write Hindi as well, but I am not even going to try that. I gave up on that elegant script as soon as it wasn’t mandatory after grade 9 in my school in India.

So, today is a sad day in History of Roop’s Life. Being multi-lingual has been one of my favourite bragging rights and I’ve discovered it’s not quite the case. You need to keep in touch with language, just like, say friends (!), or they’ll be out of touch very soon.

Use it, or lose it!

Entonces, necesito practicar mas Espanol. Hasta Luego!



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