My First Front Crawl

Now I can guess how my mother must have felt when she saw me take my first baby steps. She must have been proud.

And I am proud of myself after today. Four swimming lessons later, I did my first front crawl today.

During my first lesson, I learnt how to control my breathing and started kicking, with my legs bent and stiff, of course. Then I needed to work on making my kicking better, needed to learn how to float (that was very easy) and then had to practice not stretching my neck and keeping my ear in the water to breath.

Today, we worked on more breathing; it has been my biggest issue. But after my instructor, Tara, taught me the arms to go with it – Bingo! Everything came together! Tara was still working on teaching other people how to stretch their arm under water, when I plunged for my first front crawl. I took a deep breath, following my left arm, and released bubbles underwater while the right arm did its work. The kicking was perfect too. I think everything fell apart when excitement took over and I realized that I was doing my first front crawl.

Backstroke – see you next week.

Now I need to figure out how to get this water out of my left ear…

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