Goodbye… For Now

On Monday, June 13th 2011 I graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, or as we, the Class of 2011 likes to call it, a BJ.

From Frosh week of 2007 to the Convocation of 2011, I have grown with this city and the campus. As a relatively new immigrant, with a passion for writing, I came to Ryerson Journalism to feed my desire to write meaningful pieces. After four years of cross-platform training, I now find myself enchanted by the power of images and want to work in broadcast and photography.  Not only have I discovered my “calling in life” at Ryerson, I have also found some amazing friends who will do great things one day.

I’d also like to mention all the great groups and activities I have been part of at Ryerson and spent countless hours working with them (some hours really well-spent, some not so much): Ryerson Students’ Union, P-FACS  Committee, RSU Student Groups Committee, South Asian Alliance, Alternative Spring Break 2008 and Orientation Week (Shout out to my lovely Spirit Squad).

With my proud Mom after the convocation ceremony

But most importantly, a very big Thank You to my dearest parents for not just covering that hefty tuition but also consoling me when I wasn’t doing too well on my assignments, guiding me when I was struggling to choose between two classes and motivating me to make the best of my University experience.

So as I say Bye Bye to Rye High and start receiving Alumni newsletters, I can’t help but realize that this isn’t the end of school for me. I will mostly likely go back to do my Masters and savor two more years of student life hopefully at Ryerson again.

So dear Ryerson, it’s not Goodbye… It’s until we meet again.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2011 Ryerson Journalism.

3 responses

    Naa nananana, nananana nanana, hey hey HEY!

    Glad to hear that it’s not goodbye! You’re one of the people who made my second year the best year so far, I met you too late <3!
    Your face'll be missed around the RCC and all of campus, Roop!!~

    Visit us! ❤

    (P.S. Guess who was made this year's Spirit Squad captain?!)

    • Why am I TOTALLY not surprised my little munchkin?
      You will do so well as a Spirit Squad leader. Proud of you

      Let me know when you are back in the suburbs. We’ll meet for coffee/tea/dinner/lunch and share our amazing adventures.
      All the love and best wishes to you xo

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