Phnom Penh: The Prison

Walking through a row of cells in Prison S-21 of Phnom Penh

After spending a better part of our day in the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek near Phnom Penh, our tuk-tuk driver, Pom brought us to the Tuol Sleng Genocide museum, more commonly known as the S-21 prison. During the Khmer Rouge regime of late 1970s, all the Cambodian prisoners were brought here to be tortured. Our guide walked us through this former high school, telling us about the atrocities that were committed here. But it’s not his words that break your heart, its the fact that every preserved artifact, marks on the walls and dried blood drops on the floor are a sad story of their own.

Even though my hands were trembling from the horror of what I was witnessing coupled with heat exhaustion, I turned on my camera and captured everything I could in this historically important, but scary place. Also read about Sachin Seth‘s impressions of S-21 on his blog.

And here is part two of the two part series from Phnom Penh, Cambodia:

Co-Produced by Sachin Seth and Roop Gill

Written and Narrated by Sachin Seth

Filmed and Edited by Roop Gill


A quick note of advice to folks who are traveling to Cambodia: PLEASE go to the Killing Fields and S-21. It will give you a new perspective on Cambodia and Southeast Asia. Tour guides are optional and accept any amount of money as donation. Take a guide. As much as both these places can speak on their own with the eerie aura, the guides’ honest perspective is what made me appreciate how the strength of the Cambodians to leave the past behind them and focus on a prosperous future.

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