Getting Adventurous

Last weekend I took a mini-vacation from the concrete jungle and nestled in the lap of nature. Me and my friends got a little adventurous with some not-so-extreme water sports (although you would have thought it was highly physically strenuous if you heard me scream). So after some leg rashes, sore backs, water-over-my-lens mini freak-outs and Olympic style splits by Sheila Ball, I finally gathered some pictures, nice enough to add to my Photographic collection (the ones of me, were obviously courtesy of the amigos).

From slow and calm waters to little puddles of waves, Fatima easily got a hold of how to maneuver this tube

Sheila slipped on a pair of water skis, but even after three years of no practice, she was holding herself up pretty well

Even though her water skis went flying over her head once, she quickly jumped back on them and glided behind the speedboat rather gracefully

And then it was my turn. As a non-swimmer (sorry, new swimmer) this experience was exciting and daunting at the same time

But I had a BLAST! I held on a little too tight and my back was sore by the end of it but I didn't flip over and fall into the open waters and had a great time

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