Reflecting Back on Rajasthan

So far this year I have blogged about Canada, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia, destinations on my way to accomplishing my 11-country-count for 2011. I have gotten some great feedback and encouragement to keep blogging about my travels because some readers have told me it helps them “virtually visit that place”.

That got me thinking, I’d love for my readers to virtually visit my home country, India, through my lens. Then I started digging for any photos I had from my last trip to India in December 2009. Having changed laptops, I can’t locate a chunk of my amateur photography, but below are some images I managed to find and would love to share.

To take a break from the foggy winters of Punjab, my Dad and I, along with my twin first cousins, drove past two states (or provinces if you prefer) and spent a week in Rajasthan. City-hopping from Jaiselmer to Bikaner to Jodhpur, the heat wave and sandy winds brought the team spirit down and we headed home, skipping Jaipur.

A tractor trotting down a deserted road on the outskirts of Bikaner

Marble and sandstone blending in well together in this courtyard of the Bikaner Fort

The interior corridors of the Bikaner Fort have been preserved so well that they are still radiating a golden light

Kinchan, a small town near the Pakistani border, sees a mass migration of cranes during the Winter months

One of the many palaces of Jaiselmer that have now been converted to a hotel

4 responses

  1. Magnificent palace (as most of the forts/palaces in Rajasthan are).the car couldn’t be more out of place though 🙂
    Had always wanted to visit Rajasthan and if and when my plan materializes, I would check out kinchan. It just seems the kind of place I would love. Is that the border in the photo? If it is it reminds me of a song from the movie Refugee 🙂

    • The car is definitely out of place. I took these shots in December 2009 and lost one of my SD cards (the ones with the camel safari photos – they were good *sadface*). Didn’t get to editing and putting them up until recently and to be quite honest, not a fan of any of them :p
      No that’s not the border in the photo. We did go very close to the border (my father has friends in the army) but lost the memory card 😦

      • can relate to that … i often get the feeling of not having made the best of my time in terms of travel and capturing what i saw and felt when i did travel around India.

        Well, there will be a next time hopefully and Rajasthan will get its due for sure.All the best for when that happens

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