The Fudge Factory at The Falls

Cheers from Niagara Falls folks!

I have to be in Niagara for 11 am tomorrow morning so Mom and I decided to put the long weekend to its appropriate use and show up a day early to explore, eat and re-explore.

We’ve been to Niagara several times before. It is ritualistic among the South Asian community to bring all your visitors to Niagara for a day trip. We get a lot of visitors every year. Therefore, we come to Niagara Falls several times every year.

But, it was the first time that Jacques (my Canon 60 D) came with us to Niagara. Naturally, he was up and about soaking in the Niagara downtown. Since I’ve taken countless tourist photos in front of the falls, I was determined to steal some shots of the non-Falls-attractions in Niagara and there are tons! My favourite of the day has been The Fudge Factory. Enjoy these photos from Willy Wonka’s Wanna-be Wonderland and more!

Welcome to The Fudge Factory

And deliciousness awaits you inside

You are faced with the tough choice of what to get to satisfy your sweet tooth craving

They make their fudge in front of you. This makes The Fudge Factory both an eatery and a tourist attraction

Delicious, molten fudge is placed in trays after being cooled down. Still a while before you can eat it though!

What pleases my sight so much, will definitely make my taste buds happy! It was time to make some serious purchases...

This made me so indecisive, I thought I would pass out if I didn't make up my mind or walk away

Eating, posing, sight-seeing, posing while eating, eating while posing... an evening well spent in the tourism hub of Niagara Falls

Then I ran into these two very friendly, young girls selling Bubble Guns

They liked blowing bubbles into the lens of my camera and my camera loved the attention

My battle with the bubbles

After all those chocolates and fudge, we decided to walk down River Road back to our hotel. During our walk, we passed under this bridge and I was reminded of one of the golden rules of photography: Architecture makes for great photography

Special mention to my Mommy for being a quick-learner and taking photos of me. I am off to bed now. I’ll add more to this post if I manage to some more photos tomorrow.

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