Postcards from Paris

I am in love.

Truly, madly and deeply.

Well, at least if a person can fall in love with a city, then I am in love with Paris. The magnificent stance of the Eiffel Tower; the symmetry of the urban planning; the history in the Louvre; the thumping life on the street of diamonds and jewels, Champs Elysees; the larger-than-life light-leaks of Notre Dame… I am in love with all of it!

I just returned from three weeks of Euro-hopping. Paris has always been something I wanted to check off my list of things to do but a lot of negative feedback from other tourists dampened my spirits regarding this dream destination: I was told that it was dirty compared to a classic European city; it was polluted with traffic and overflowing with tourists. All of this is true, by the way.









But, there must a reason why 82 million people visit Paris every year: it has so much to offer! From excellent photography options (that is if you can manage to ignore or photoshop the large hoards of crows) to an intense history lesson to fun for kids (Disneyland) and adults (burlesque!!) Paris has something for everyone. I spent two days speed-walking this city and was left wanting a lot more. I know I am going back one day, but in the meantime, here are some glamour shots of this diva of a city.

Paris from atop Arc de Triomphe

The Eiffel Tower shooting up from the core of Paris

Paris: a city of perfect symmetry

THE Louvre

Modern meets historical at the Louvre in Paris

Paying a visit to Quasimodo's spirit at Notre Dame

Stunning glass panels in the Notre Dame cathedral

The night's always young on Boulevard de Clichy

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