When in Rome…

succumb in awe to the magnificence and history of the Colosseum, the largest amphitheatre built by the Romans and one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering.

pay your respects to all the ancient Roman gods at once by admiring the architectural genius of the Pantheon.

spot all the Italian flags lining up the busiest streets of Rome, proudly displayed on T-shirts or portrayed in some other creative way. Have a little competition in your crew to see who can spot the most!

try some pizza, pasta, wine and gelato… and be sure to share it with friends.

rock a “I ❤ Roma” T-shirt and mean it!

toss a coin into the grand Trevi fountain to guarantee your return back to Rome. When you turn to back after the toss, ignore the busy crowds and get lost in the beauty of the magnificent sculptures standing 85 feet tall.

and of course, do as the Romans do.

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