Happy Birthday Blog!

Today I woke up and wished my blog a happy birthday, bonne fête and feliz cumpleaños. As his her its one year birthday present, I got it a brand new theme, which I am sure it’s effectively showing off.

As should be with every aging soul, I thought it would be a good time to dig through my posts from last year and reflect upon some of the milestones that I have recorded in this blog. I primarily tend to stick with blogging about travel and my personal adventures, but when you have an avenue for sharing your sweet stories, you can’t help but talk about some important personal moments that are close to your heart. I read through all my 38 posts and picked three that I am most happy I was able to imprint in the cyber world:

Becoming Canadian

I was knighted as a proud Canadian last winter and blogged about the process of going from being a foreigner to an immigrant to a Canadian. As someone who loves to travel, it was a huge milestone because I didn’t need to wait on visas anymore: I could pack up and leave every time I had the chance to (and that is exactly what I did last year).


Finishing university was like the end of an era. Even though I have a degree and many photos to remind me of graduation, I think I will be happy that I wrote down my thoughts and feelings when they were fresh in my mind.

Travel Writing

My entire blog is a collection of informal posts about travel. As a reflection of my writing and adventures I recently wrote about the future of travel writing and the possibility of making it a career. I pick it as a favourite blog posts because not only did a source I quoted in it found my blog and commented on it, but also because it nicely wraps up my thoughts and what I have been up to in the last year.

It is interesting how my blog (and my camera, Jacques, of course) has become my documenting companion. Putting aside a few minutes after any exciting adventure and writing about it, makes it so permanent and cherished. When I first started blogging, it was probably to try something new. Then it became an avenue for me to collect all my work and showcase my portfolio. I also used it to connect with people. However, at the end of the day, I am happy that I can reflect back and appreciate my blog for they are meant to be: avenues for free thinking, sharing and documenting.

Happy birthday blog and happy blogging, fellow bloggers!

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