T-24 Project: Production

For better or for worse, my travel blog is turning into an autobiographical documentation of my encounters with film making. However, the last project I participated in (or the result of it) can easily classify as a travel log for visitors to Toronto. And coffee drinkers too.

Angie Torres, Jean-Francois Taylor, Amanda Cupido [all fellow J-school graduates] and I participated in the T-24 project hosted by Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival. At 7 pm on a snowy Friday evening we were given a question. We had 24 hours to make a film that answered that question and hand it in at 7 pm on Saturday.

What was the question? Well here’s a stab at answering that:

As soon as the question was handed out to the participants, they all ran out into the Toronto blizzard… except us. We huddled around a coffee table in Innis Hall and re-read the question. This time, however, it made much more sense.

Amanda generously offered her apartment meeting room as our headquarters for script-writing. Drawing on from everything we had learnt in our respective Writers’ Craft classes in high school, we tried all sorts of methods to collaboratively write a narrative that would become the backbone of our film.

As soon as our script was copy edited and e-mailed out to all the group members, we grabbed our trusted DSLR cameras and ran out to conquer Toronto, ignoring the ferocious snow storm. (Okay… maybe that last statement was a little too dramatic. We didn’t run out, we drove around the city. And the snow storm was mild compared to what I have had to battle during J-school.)

We took a little nap (yes, NAP, not sleep) around 3 a.m. (but not before I got some late-night poutine in my system) and were back in action at sunrise. We teleported from neighbourhood to neighbourhood (J-F’s driving felt like teleportation) and from one cool coffee shop to another. We also dragged some friends out of bed really early on a Saturday morning (sorry, Gerrit Gmel) for cameos in our masterpiece.

However, midst all this chaos, we managed to be fairly consistent with one thing: social media. Tweets, instagrams, Facebook and Four Square didn’t suffer because we were so busy! If there was an award for the team that displayed the best social media interaction, I am sure we would win it.

But, alas! We can’t win that award. In fact, we can’t even compete to win the Visual Thesis Award we made the film for. Why, you ask? Well, because of one unfortunate red light we were two minutes (yes, 120 seconds) late to hand in our film. Womp! Womp!

Now, before you get all sad and feel sorry for our loss, I do have some uplifting news. Our film, Wake Up will still be screened with rest of the films and if you absolutely love it, you can vote for it and help us win the Audience Choice Award.

I am sure you are wondering what our film was all about. Well… I can’t just tell you that! You have to come watch it? When and where, you ask? Great questions!

Thursday, March 1 at 7 pm at Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Avenue, Toronto)

So hopefully we will see you there and stay tuned for part two of my series about this challenging experience.

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