T24 Project: Screening

I ended my first blog post about the T24 Project experience by inviting you all to the film screening of Wake Up so we could garner some votes to win the Audience Choice Award (since we were out of running for the Visual Thesis Award for being two minutes late). Turns out that if one or two of you folks came (big THANKS to those who did, by the way!) we probably would have won Audience Choice: we were the runner-ups while a very deserving team took home the award. Like us, the film Metro also couldn’t compete for the Visual Thesis Award and the filmmakers were first-time participants.

Win or lose, at the end of the day, the point of this was to challenge ourselves, make a film and be proud of it. Cherry on top: the film was actually very well received.

Blogger Alfonso Espina ranked Wake Up number 3 in his top five picks for the challenge and said: “With visually compelling cinematography and images on-screen, guided by an eloquent narrator, Wake Up successfully encourages the viewer to think about how they define the city.” Thanks Alfonso!

FilmArmy‘s Addison Wylie recapped the T24 screening in a video blog and said, “… that personal connection can be found in Wake Up. By using coffee to find similarities between it and a cityscape, was just something we could easily connect to. It’s an everyday element that we could instantly connect to and follow along with the story.” He also said that our film was “technically well made.” Thanks Addison!

Additionally, The Daily Planet The Matinee and Big Thoughts from a small mind blog also reviewed our film among others. You can check those reviews out if you like!

Now, you obviously want to see the film and as promised we have re-edited it and put it online. We cut the film down from seven minutes to six, which helped make it even more powerful in our opinion. You can check it out, comment on the film, and feel free to spread it to Toronto residents and coffee lovers.

On a personal note: if I haven’t already said it enough – I LOVE MY TEAM! Angie, J-F and Amanda: I am so happy we decided to do this project and can’t wait for Amanda’s ankle to get better (yup, she has a cast on her leg and the trooper still came out to the screening!) so we can keep making more films.

Photo courtesy: Toronto Youth Short Film Festival

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  1. Thanks for the link – I really enjoyed your film and can’t imagine how frustrating missing the mark by two minutes must have been. Pretty sure it’s not the last I’ll see of your work though.

    Congrats on a great doc.

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