The Bahamian Blues

No, I am not talking about the genre of music. Neither am I saying that “blue” reflected my mood during the Bahamas trip. I am literally talking about the thousand shades of beautiful blue in the Bahamas… including the beach, the pools, the skies and other scenery.

A short trip in Nassau was my first fling with the “all-inclusive” travel. Regular readers of my blog will know that I tend to avoid that genre, but the perpetual Danish darkness and the Canadian cold really left me craving for some warm sun rays. No wonder, I jumped on the idea of a beach vacation when my best friend brought it up.

The verdict: even though not my preference, all-inclusives are not bad at all, especially when you have a stunning view anywhere you look. Sharing some of those scenic spectacles with you!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANassau, The BahamasNassau, The Bahamas

Obviously, they keep you entertained on the resort. It’s amazing how you can do nothing all day and still feel productive just because you got some Vitamin D in your system. If you want to take a break from that, there’s always water sports.


As amazing as the water is from a distance, it’s always more fun when you dive into an adventure headfirst. We gave snorkelling a shot (on a very windy and slightly rainy day unfortunately) to check out the life within the big blue beast.

Bahamas - snorkelling Bahamas - snorkelling

Downtown Nassau is also a happenin’ place! The island is a favourite spot for tourist-laden cruise ships, but it isn’t a typical cruiser’s destination. Yes, there is a line-up of duty free shops on Bay Street and yes, hagglers will pester you all day, but the best part about Nassau is high energy of this city. The people are really friendly (and generally, very funny too), the buildings are colourful and the vibe is overwhelmingly outgoing.

Nassau port Nassau Port

I have soaked up some sun (and swallowed way too much seawater) to last me a few months until it’s time to hit the Pacific again.

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