Settling down in Sydney

I have become a true nomad. After I arrived in Sydney last Thursday, it took me less than 24 hours to get a phone plan, understand public transit, attend a lecture at my university, and also manage to check out the Sydney Opera House. Sleeping for most part of my 22-hour journey helped me adapt to the new timezone, so when I got to Australia I was already in full “time-to-re-settle” mode. My new roommates seem to have just given up hope that jet lag will eventually take me down and I’ll stop being a whirlwind of an explorer, but I don’t think it’s me; it’s Sydney! This city has so much life, energy and enthusiasm that an extrovert like me can’t help but feed off it.

I have been here for a week and I must admit, I feel quite at home. I am living in the beach neighbourhood of Coogee with awesome roommates (sorry, flatmates) who pick me up from the airport and build me IKEA furniture. Our apartment is at top of a hill and the view is just stunning. Check it out:


The beach is literally five minutes away. I have been pretending to be a fitness freak and going for runs along the beach with the secret motive of getting some sun on my deprived skin. I have already managed to get sunburnt in the process, something I didn’t think was easily possible due to my Indian complexion, but as my Aussie friend said yesterday, “Always put on sunscreen or our sun will give you skin cancer.”

Point noted. A massive bottle of sunscreen has been purchased.

I have been to two classes at University of Technology Sydney (hereon and forever on this blog it shall be referred to as UTS) and it’s very reminiscent of my time at Ryerson. The campus is in the middle of the city, the buildings have a rather unattractive exterior, and the air-con is on full blast making it mandatory to bring a sweater to class. Also like Ryerson, the courses seem to be very hands-on, something that I missed during my schooling in Denmark. I can’t wait to be using cameras again and editing on Final Cut Pro in media labs.

But, all hasn’t been perfect. I have been struggling with some things, such as the fact that they drive on left. As a pedestrian this really throws me off because I never know where to look. I probably seem like a paranoid tourist tossing my head side to side to avoid traffic. Also, I have a long way to go before I can perfect the Aussie slang (and I will never perfect the Aussie accent – it’s already been established). Let me show off what I’ve picked up so far: “Hey Mate! Put on your thongs and cossie and let’s head down to the beach. I reckon we can barbie there! Bring some grog. It’s be heaps of fun!” Seeeeeee… I think I’ll be a good Aussie in due time.

Now, it’s actually time for me to put on my thongs (flip-flops) and grab the bus to meet another Mundusian who just arrived in Sydney. (PS: Have you ever checked out Anne‘s blog? You should!) Stay tuned for more updates, photos, bad slang, and sunburn stories.

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