Sydney’s best beaches

While my friends in the Northern Hemisphere are probably rolling their eyes at the title of this post, I am going to go ahead and gloat that today marks one month anniversary in with Sydney. I thought it would be a short, summer fling, but this relationship is getting quite serious. And how could I not fall in love? Sunshine, beaches and buzzing cities are three of my favourite things, and Sydney offers it all.

Since winter is coming (PS: who is stoked for Game Of Thrones season 3?!), I made it a point to explore as many beaches as possible in my first month here. While there are many popular spots and hidden gems in the greater Sydney area that I am yet to discover, here are my favourite beaches so far:

1) Coogee Beach

Surprise! My neighbourhood beach is number one on my list. While I may be biased because the beach is a 5-minute walk from my apartment, it is the coolest kid on the Eastern suburbs. It’s bigger than Bronte, but not as busy as Bondi. You can snorkel on the North end, surf on a good day, play volleyball at one of the four available spots, picnic on the park, and swim in the playful waves.


2) Camp Cove

A ferry to Watson’s Bay takes you the best swimming and snorkelling beach I have been to in Sydney. The water is calm and clear. The beach isn’t too crowded. And the city skyline looks stunning in the horizon.

Watsons Bay

3) Bondi Beach 

Yes, it’s very touristy and commercial. Yes, it’s always very busy. Yes, the waves are amazing. Yes, the sand is perfect. Everything you have heard about Sydney’s most popular beach is true. It’s the big brother of all the Sydney beaches and if you enjoy a good crowd, it’s the best place for you. The only downside? You won’t find any Aussies there. Maybe an occasional surf instructor or two.


4) Manly Beach 

Surfer’s love this beach, and one trip to Manly will make you see why. If you are not a surfer, you still want to make your way here because 1) the ferry from the harbour is one of the best boat rides ever 2) it’s the only ferry-accesible beach where you can swim in the ocean!


5) Bronte Beach 

Bronte roughly marks the half-way point on the Bondi-Coogee cliff walk. It’s a small, family friendly beach perfect for a quieter day under the sun.


6) Palm Beach

It’s a bit of a trek to get to this Northern beach but once you make it up there, it’s quite worth it. Home to the rich and the famous, Palm Beach is also the location for a local TV show. My only negative is that I found the waves were too choppy.

Palm Beach

Sadly, autumn is just around the corner. This means that while I can still enjoy the stunning ocean-view from my apartment window, the water may be too cold for casual swims (but then again, I am Canadian so I am going to continue to swim as long as I can).

Any recommendations for what beach I should check out next?

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