Amsterdam as seen from the canals

I love water bodies. Lakes, rivers, oceans, swimming pools, bathtubs: fill up something with water and throw me in there and I am a happy wader. But even if I can’t swim in the water (example: canals), I still like being around/on it.

So, it’s no surprise that when I went to Amsterdam last month, I bugged my friends to go on a canal tour with me. My Dutch-convert friends protested and told me that those tours were quite touristy (read: boring), but if the weather was nice we could hire our own boat and go exploring Amsterdam the proper way – through the canals. The weather was not nice for rest of my visit.

But, I went back to Amsterdam for my birthday last weekend, and lo and behold we were blessed with a gorgeous autumn day where the sun was shinning bright and the crisp wind was just chilly enough. (There is no way to not make this sound cheesy and poetic – it was just one of those days!) So, we hired a boat through Sloepdelen, bought some picnic food, jumped in the boat and started exploring. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my trusted camera with me, but here are some of my iPhone photos. Enjoy!

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