Places I Called ‘Home’ in 2013

Places I Called Home in 2013

2013 was a great year for travel. When I look at my nerdy country count, I am surprised to see that I only visited five new countries this year (Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia and Singapore). But, I went back to a couple of old favourites and found myself packing and unpacking my life five times.

Truth be told: I am a little burnt out from moving around so much this year, but I wouldn’t trade my blessed 2013 for anyone else’s. (Except maybe Jennifer Lawrence’s. But how much I want her life is another story for another blogpost.)

Highlights of 2013 included snorkelling in the southern Great Barrier Reef, wearing at Dirndl at Karneval in Koln, having a picnic on top of a glacier in the French Alps, almost capsizing a boat in the canals of Amsterdam (with all my friends in it!), seeing a koala, living in the most amazing apartment on Coogee Beach in Sydney, and managing to completely fill up passport (took me less than three years).


The concept of ‘home’ changed throughout the year as I lived in five amazing cities in 2013. ‘Tis the time for the annual year-end recap of places where I received a postcard or two in the past year. 


One day I… biked home in a snowstorm with a basketful of groceries and a jumbo pack of toilet paper strapped on the backseat.
Live here if you…  are kind of an introvert and blessed with a good sense of style.


Australia: Sydney Opera House
One day I… just sat on my balcony with (arguably) the best view of Coogee Beach, listening to my flatmate play a Dave Matthews Band tune on his guitar.
Live here if you… have inherited a lot of money and are trying to think of the best possible way to spend it.


One day I had dinner at a Mexican cantina, drinks at hidden bar and then went dancing at a Bollywood club.
Live here if you…  are immune to haze.


One day I got into an argument with a fellow passenger on the London Underground over Tube etiquette and felt oddly empowered afterwards.
Live here if you…  can easily fall asleep on public transit and know exactly when to wake up in order not to miss your stop.


Canada Day 2012
One day I… will move back for good
Live here if you… are a nice person who can get used to drinking terrible coffee five times a day and will apologize at every chance you get.

— —

Thanks for virtually travelling with me in 2013.
Happy New Year y’all!


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  1. hey ya you are like a motivator to me. Every time i see your interview its just like awsum and wanna go ahead on your path and wanna travel the whole world. before reading this one i dont had any dreams of roaming in these beautiful countries but now i also want to have this experience. thankyou for changing my way of thinking and il pray that you should cover a great path of success.

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