It’s Straya Day, Mate!

Happy Australia Day to all my Aussie (and Aussie convert) friends around the world!

Australian flagNow, I realize that Straya Day is really just an excuse for rowdy, loud Aussies to have a barbie, crush some pints, listen to Triple J’s Hottest 100 and get rowdier and louder. Since I am clearly not in Australia (FYI: I am stuck in cold, grey England writing essays), I am just going to use today as an excuse to blog some more about Australia because the Internet bears witness to fact that I haven’t done enough of that already. So, in honour of today being Australia Day, sharing some photos from Down Under that didn’t make it any of the blogposts last year.

Starting with this once-in-a-lifetime sunset on Mount Wellington in HobartSunset on Mount WellingtonMoving on to my old flatmates’s hometown, Coffs Harbour. The boys are partaking in a Coffs rite of passage: Jetty Jumping. Jetty Jumping in Coffs HarbourNow let’s go to my favourite second favourite city in Australia – Melbourne. Here’s a picture of Melbourne Central.

Melbourne CentralBut really, the best part of Melbourne are these awesome alleys and lanes Melbourne LanewaysCan’t forget my trip along the Queensland coast with my girlie, Annemiek. Our first stop was BrisbaneBrisbaneAnd Noosa was arguably our favourite spot (or maybe Fraser Island? But I’ve already blogged about that hereNoosa

I know all my friends in these cities are bronzing under the Southern sun, enjoying the Pacific beaches and just living the good life. Every day that I am not in Australia is a day I spend living in envy of those who are. So, if nothing else, today you should celebrate living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


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PS: Last month I landed an awesome assignment with’s Travel section to write about – you guessed it – Australia. Check out my stories by clicking the links below:

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