Eat Pray Love: Bangalore

No, I haven’t pulled an Elizabeth Gilbert. But I have eaten a lot, prayed a little and loved every minute of my time in Bangalore.

I arrived here at the start of the week with a jam-packed schedule. Unfortunately, sight seeing was a very small bullet point on my agenda. I was researching my Masters thesis and reporting for a London-based publication. So, I was rushing from interview to meeting to event.

But, obviously, I found some time to get my tourist on.

Roop Gill
Bangalore – or Bengalaru – is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. It’s the third largest city in the country and an international IT hub. It has managed to acquire a couple of nicknames: Silicon Valley of India, Pub City of India, and Garden City of India. What it lacks in picturesque tourist sights, it makes up with its happening vibe, (relatively) progressive locals and an overwhelming number of dining, drinking and shopping options.

It also has many impressive Hindu temples. On my way from the airpot, I visited the ESKON Hare Krishna temple and on my self-proclaimed R&R day, I went to the Meenakshi Temple in South Bangalore. I liked the latter better because I thought it was more traditional. And just absolutely beautiful.

Meenakshi Temple BangaloreMeenakshi Temple BangaloreMeenakshi Temple BangaloreMeenakshi Temple Bangalore
We then made our way to one of the shopping districts. Obviously the transportation of choice was the classic – and bumpy – auto rickshaw.

Auto Rickshaw in Bangalore
The Bangalore locals are quite proud of their impressive line up of shiny new malls, but I wanted to check out the old school shops. So we headed to Commercial Street.

Commercial Street Bangalore
As the name suggests, it’s the place to spot tourists. But, I have been told that locals love it too.

Commercial Street Bangalore
After a busy morning of exploring the cultural corners of Bangalore, it was time for some delicious treats. We headed to a sweet shop in Commercial Street and were stuffed after all this:

Paneer pakora India food bangalore Indian food
I also packed some of this good stuff to bring back to my family home in Punjab.

Sweets India
Thanks to a little bit of spirituality and spice, I had a fantastic time getting to know Bangalore on my morning off. Safe to say, I’ll be back. If for nothing else, then more of this:
Food India

3 responses

  1. Glad to know you enjoyed your outing in the city, which has been my home for the past 15 years. Not everyone has charitable views about this city, which has got congested, noisy and polluted since 1995. I look at Bangalore (it’s not yet renamed Bengaluru) as a new city that’s getting built. It’s unfair to compare it other cities like Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai. May be after 10 or 15 years the right infrastructure would be in place, and things will get better.

  2. Roop! I am so happy you are in Bangalore. I called Bangalore my home for an entire summer and it was great. If you are there on Sundays – I seriously love the city-wide Sunday brunch. Also, it’s a stone throw away from Kerala – which was my favourite part of India. Miss you and so proud of you!

    • FJ! Pretty sure that’s the nicest message I’ll get on my blog all month. Not in Bangalore anymore and too bad didn’t cash in on those Sunday brunches.
      Miss you too and more proud of you than yo mamma x

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