Patio Season in Amsterdam

In case you haven’t figured it out already, I am a sun worshipper. If the sun is out, I can’t be kept indoors. Basking in the sun is definitely one of my favourite activities whether that means I am out walking, cycling or just grabbing a coffee on the patio.

Being Canadian definitely has something to do with the sunshine fixation. We love our short summers and all the things that come with it. My favourite being eating and drinking outdoors.

This past weekend I went over to Amsterdam for my friend Fanny’s birthday and to attend a charity concert put on by my friend for a not-for-profit based in Guatemala. While the evenings were taken up by celebrations and festivities, the afternoons were put to good use: biking around de Pijp, eating outdoors, walking in parks and then grabbing another coffee outdoors.

Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam
We also checked out some really cool shops and stores in de Pijp, including Hutspot, my new favourite place in Amsterdam. Their cafe is tres cool.

Amsterdam AmsterdamBack outdoors again, we found a rooftop patio. I don’t see my friends that often, so we talked about everything under the sun (ha!) with some summery beverages, of course.

AmsterdamI miss Amsterdam as soon as I leave it. Other than the fact that some of my closest friends live there, I really enjoy the character of the city. And I think it shines even brighter with a little bit of sunshine.

Glad I’m going back in two short weeks!


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