Lausanne and around

It’s taken me wayyyy too long to visit Lausanne. Almost as long as it’s taken me to finally get around to writing this blog post.

One of my best friends – and superstar extraordinaire – is from Lausanne. Well, he’s actually from Berlin and we were flatmates in Sydney – but his life deserves another blog post of its own.

A’ite back to my story: So as I was saying, my friend Gerrit is from Lausanne and over the years I have virtually/electronically/telepathically gotten to know many of his family and friends. Obviously I had to go visit the beautiful lakeside Swiss town one day, both to enjoy the heavenly Alpine scenery and to say hello to all these lovely people I keep hearing about.

L13 L14 L15Yeah, I know we are the cutest!

Lausanne is a hilly little city, which is both charming and exhausting at the same time (read: lots of uphill walking).

To rest our legs and mix things up, we decided to pile into the Gmel family van and headed over to the quaint little town of Neuchâtel. Once there, we visited a winery called La Maison Carrée. We were given a private tour and a try-lingual lesson in the art of winemaking by the lovely Christine Perrochet, the wife of the chief winemaker and owner of the winery.

L4 L3 L2 L10Any guesses on who had one too many tasting samples?

We needed to walk off the delicious vino, so we started exploring the city which turned out to be a little bundle of joy.

L7 L11  L8 L9L6We headed back to Lausanne and had a fun night on the town. I always find it endearing how everyone knows everyone in small (ish) cities. So you always end up going out with a bunch of your friends, even if you didn’t plan it that way!

The next morning, my friend Anaid and I took a train to Montreux. This picture-perfect town is the home of the annual Montreux Jazz Festival and the playground of the rich Swiss.

My favourite thing there? This awesome hotel!

L16 L17Back in Lausanne, there was more eating, drinking, catching up and inside-joking. Yes, I just made up that word.

Safe to say I’ll be heading back to Lausanne again this year or next, if not for the unreal sights then definitely to see my welcoming friends and extended family.


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