I absolutely loved Tallinn. And I am sure so will you if you like a bit of medieval flavour coupled with an architectural culture clash of Nordic and Russian influences at affordable prices.

Tallinn skylineDuring the August long weekend, my coworker Melissa and I went to Helsinki for three days and decided to take a day trip to Tallinn, which actually ended up being the highlight of our holiday.

We got off the ferry and headed straight for World Heritage-listed Tallinn Old Town. The cobblestoned streets and the bright buildings feel a bit like a romantic film set. It’s your quintessential medieval town, but better than most that I have seen. Literally every corner we turned was stunningly picturesque, so we were shamelessly trigger happy as we set to explore the city.

TallinnTallinnTallinnTallinn Rick Steves With some help from Melissa’s good friend, Rick Steves, we made our way across Tallinn from one landmark to another. Here are some of my faves:

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is the magnificent Russian orthodox cathedral in Tallinn and one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. While the interior didn’t blow me away, I couldn’t stop photographing the beautiful domes. It’s also made me even more excited to visit Russia some day.

Tallinn Alexander Nevsky TallinnAnother iconic landmark of Tallinn is the 124m tall spire of St. Olaf’s Church; it used to be the tallest building in Europe between 1549 and 1625 and still dominates the skyline.

TallinnPerhaps the most enjoyable area was  Town Hall square, sitting in the shadow of – you guessed it – the Town Hall. This square is the epicentre of activity, naturally packed with tourists (and tourist traps). I loved the vibe and energy of the square.

Tallinn3 Tallinn2 Tallinn10Just a short walk from the square was the flower market. Flower market just happen to be a newfound weakness of mine.

Tallinn16 Tallinn15Tired, but content, after a busy day of exploring Tallinn, Mel and I headed back to Helsinki. If you are in Helsinki for a weekend, Tallinn is a great place to go for a day. In fact, even if you aren’t anywhere near Tallinn, I think it’s a place worth flying to just for this Nordic-Eastern European delight of a city.

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