I love a good brunch. A weekend isn’t complete unless I’ve had my deserving dose of pancakes and poached eggs. One of my favourite go-to spots in East London is Stories on Broadway Market. It’s usually packed on Saturdays, but you can get a cozy spot on Sunday morning quite easily. Stories Stories Stories I rounded up my girlfriends this past Sunday and we headed down there for some good gossip and deep discussions over delicious coffee. Stories StoriesEveryone – except me – ordered avocado toasts. In true North American style, I settled for some pancakes. Even though the food is great, the best part of the brunch was having so many vibrant people sat around one table. Even though I talk to these girls all the time, eclectic discussions like these – where you jump from German politics to whether I should dye my hair ombre – help me know each of them (and myself) just a little bit better. Stories Stories Stories on BroadwayTwo hours and three rounds of coffee later, we re-wrapped ourselves in our coats, scarves and beanies, and too hurriedly agreed to make this a more regular tradition.

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