Turkish eggs at Kopapa appear on one too many Best Brunch in London lists. So I was thrilled when Melissa scored a prime time reservation at the Covent Garden restaurant and asked me to join her.

The restaurant is located off Monmouth Street at the famous Seven Dials, a spot which continues to challenge my navigation skills to this day. But as soon as I made it there, I got trigger happy with my camera!

Kopapa Seven Dials Covent Garden

Kopapa is one of Kiwi chef Peter Gordon’s ventures. Note: you can also try these much talked-about Turkish eggs at his other restaurant, The Providores and Tapa Room.

KopapaThe interior is rather plain, but stylish with big windows and simplistic furniture. I thought the floor tiling was the highlight of the decor.

Kopapa KopapaBut really, who cares what the inside of the restaurant looks like when the food looks this good.

Kopapa KopapaTurkish eggs are basically poached eggs served with Greek yogurt in a flood of chilli oil. It can be a bit of a messy meal, especially if you don’t decide on a clear strategy: dipping the bread or choosing to spread.

Even though we were completely stuffed after our fatty brunch, Mel and I decided to split a Crosstown doughnut because why not?


And then we needed to walk it all off so we strolled around Covent Garden. After all, walking around the confusing non-gridded streets of London continues to be the highlight of living here.


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