Caravan King’s X

Birthdays and brunches are two of my favourite things that begin with the letter ‘b’. So for The Burgundy Book‘s birthday (another favour ‘b’ letter thing), we – Cat, Bjorn (and yet another fav ‘b’) and I – took her to brunch at Caravan King’s Cross.

The original Caravan is a much smaller space in Exmouth Market, but this industrial looking massive restaurant is located in Granary Square, a short walk from King’s X station. Perfect meeting spot if your friends are traveling in from different parts of London!

Prepare to wait for about an hour to get a spot here for weekend brunch. And you know what I am going to say next: it’s totally worth the wait! Also if you are with your best friends, the 40-minute wait flies back as you sip on some coffees, gossip at a hundred miles per hour, and unwrap birthday presents.

Caravan Kings Cross Caravan Kings Cross Caravan Kings Cross

Caravan has one of those menu’s which you read and go, “I want that. And that. And that too. But THIS sounds amazing.”Caravan Kings CrossWhile Bjorn and Cat were slightly more decisive, Rema and I ordered half the menu and decided to split it between us. Caravan Kings Cross Caravan Kings Cross Caravan Kings CrossThey do some of the meanest avocado toasts in the city. And I have tried many. However, the barbecue baked beans are probably my favourite thing on the menu that we tried.Caravan Kings CrossSatisfied and smiling, we tried to use the modern piazza look of the Granary Square for snapping some pictures. Considering were either battling the wind, eating our hair or shivering in the mid-winter blues, this is the only one I’m going to post.Caravan Kings Cross Caravan Kings Cross


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