Bratislava may be called “Prague’s ugly sister”, but it’s certainly funner of the two siblings.

When I booked a trip to the Slovakian capital, I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by its natural beauty or historic architecture. My friends and I really just wanted to get out of London (and with Ryanair prices, a flight to Bratislava is equivalent of an expensive taxi ride on the weekend), and have a fun night out. I also selfishly wanted to up my country count. Long live the travel nerd in me!Bratislava Bratislava Bratislava

To nobody’s surprise, Bratislava is in fact is a really fun night out. And to it’s credit, it’s not ugly at all. Living in Prague’s shadow will make any city feel insecure – not to mention it gets constantly compared to nearby Vienna and Budapest as well – but Bratislava can hold its own. It has a charming old town, colourful facades, well-situated castle with ace views of the cities, sprawling urban culture, street art, and let’s not forget the Eastern European comfort food.Bratislava Bratislava Bratislava Bratislava BratislavaAll this wandering around will make anyone hungry. Regular readers may know but I have recently retired from being a vegetarian (and thereby retired this blog) so dabbling into meatier territory was quite fun.

A shout out to Slovak Pub for serving up some traditional dishes. Despite the cheesy name, this place delivered.Slovak Pub Slovak Pub Slovak Pub Slovak PubFoodies should also take a stroll along the Danube. The restaurants behind Eurovea Gelleria mall offer quite a good view (despite the construction in the distant). We enjoyed a sugary breakfast at one of the restaurants to power through day two of sightseeing.Bratislava Bratislava Bratislava BratislavaHowever, a full day is enough to see all of Bratislava so on day two, the boys decided to jump off a bridge (literally) and I befriended some English folk to watch the footie. How cultured of us!

Overall verdict: Bratislava is very fun and an excellent weekend getaway if you have already been to Prague, Budapest and Vienna. Or if you only have a quick weekend for a ‘cheeky’ one.Bratislava Bratislava

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  1. Hi! I´ve been studying and living in Bratislava for 4 years and I have met many foreign visitors who weren´t impressed by Bratislava in a such good way. Sure, by comparing with other European metropols there isn´t too much to see for more then 2 days. Hence, I appreciate your honest and realistic comment on Bratislava´s old town. Even though there is just a small old town, when the sun comes up on the sky,Bratislava is the right place for a drinks,coffees and walks through the streets where spirit of Slovak history makes you feel relaxed,satisfactory and happy in the end of the trip. I hope guys, you spent a relaxed and enjoyable time in Bratislava:)

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