Prague was the first European city I ever visited on my own. One summer, many years ago – when I was 18 – I did a travel writing course in Prague. It’s safe to say that I wouldn’t be a hobbyist travel blogger without that trip. But then again, Prague will turn anyone into a travel blogger.

Prague PragueWhen my friend Shanelle told me that she’ll be visiting Prague on as a part of her annual European adventures, I decided to crash her trip. And Rema decided to crash ours.

What’s better than a gang of girlfriends to enjoy a photogenic city?

Prague Prague PragueWe started our Prague adventures by being the massive foodies that we are. I’d highly recommended popping over to Cafe Louvre for a meal.

It was here that we made two new lovely friends from Kazakhstan. Bonus.

Prague Cafe Louvre Prague Cafe Louvre Prague Prague PragueThe Czech capital is very walkable city, perfect for a weekend getaway. This is what our sunny weekend looked like: wake up, eat, stroll, coffee break, stroll, wine break, stroll, beer break. Arguably, the most standout moment of the weekend was sunbathing on the patio of Cafe Lavka, sharing a bottle of chilled wine and talking about ‘grown up’ things. It’s these qualities of the relaxed European lifestyle that keep me hooked to this side of the pond.

Prague clock Prague Prague ice cream Prague Prague Lennon wall Prague Prague Grudgingly, Rema and I left Katie and Shanelle behind and hopped on a flight back to London – after a hilarious incident of the missing passport. Considering all the travelling we do, you’d think we would always triple check if we have our passport before showing up at the airport.

Shanelle and Katie have since carried on their travels to Budapest and Vienna, but I’m secretly hoping Prague was their favourite, partially thanks to us, and partially because it deserves to be the favourite.


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