The Bay Area

Time for some throwback Thursday. #TBT to this May when I was in San Francisco with my childhood sweethearts for our friend’s wedding. The five-day long wedding celebration may have been the reason for our visit to the Bay Area, but we definitely managed to find time to enjoy the NorCal lifestyle.

San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San FranciscoWith our base camp in Fremont, the BART became our trusty chauffeur, lugging us from East Bay to Alameda to the SF piers.

Like good tourists, we checked off landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz off our lists. But the eating, drinking and more eating was definitely one of the best parts of the trip. Then again, you could be doing anything with your two best friends and have the greatest time.

San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San FranciscoOn a side note, I can’t help but address the fact that I haven’t posted here since May. A month and a half of not updating my blog has got to be a new record. “I’ve been really busy at work” is the worst excuse a hobbyist blogger can come up with, but I’ve been really busy at work.

I’ve been contemplating whether I want to keep updating this space. I never intended for this blog to take off or make money; it was always meant to be a collection of my travel stories. When I randomly look back at my posts from 2012, I’m so thankful that I documented those trips, but it was nonetheless work.

I’m also getting a little bit jaded with over-documenting our lives. Never thought an avid instagrammer and over-sharer like me would say this, but there is a self-imposed pressure to capture every interesting moment and feel obliged to distribute it among your networks. And I’m not sure how long I can keep up with it.

For now, the blog lives. But no promises for how long.

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