The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the world’s largest arts festival, featuring thousands of artists, performers, actors and comedians from around the world. But for me, Fringe was just another excuse to go back to Edinburgh this year.

Edinburgh Edinburgh EdinburghIf I had only three words to describe Edinburgh, I’d pick charming, beautiful and historic. There is so much to see and do in this lovely city, but the best part of going back for a second visit is that you’ve already checked off all the touristy items.

This visit was all about walking around the old town, eating well – and not-so-well considered we tried deep friend Mars bars – pub hopping and watching some shows at the festival. We pre-booked two comedy shows and went to one last-minute improv performance. And of course, saw loads of other artists impress onlookers with their quirky acts. You can’t walk ten feet without inadvertently becoming a part of a street performance.

The city is surely buzzing during Fringe, but I equally enjoyed walking on quieter side streets and having relaxed meals with friends.

EdinburghEdinburghEdinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Maison BleueEdinburgh Fringe FestivalOn our last day there, we were treated by the sounds of Pipefest while having breakfast. We ditched our Eggs Benedicts and rushed out to see these amazing guys prepping for their parade.

Edinburgh Pipefest Edinburgh Pipefest Edinburgh PipefestCherry on top of a perfect weekend trip. Edinburgh has successfully maintained the title of the second best city in the UK in my books.

Edinburgh Victoria Street Edinburgh Royal Mile

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