Leaving London

So, it’s been a while.

Tower Bridge Tower BridgeIt’s been a while since I blogged. In fact, it’s been a while since I took photos of a beautiful city. And it’s not for the lack of travel either.

Since November, I’ve been on-the-go. I’ve taken more flights and packed more bags in the last three months than ever before. Some willingly, some out of necessity. I’ve never been the one to shy away from moving countries, but I’ve always been in control of the decision i.e. when I want to leave and where I want to go next.

In November I found out that I needed to leave London. I won’t bore you with the technical details but here are two words to sum up the situation – visa issues. With a heavy heart, and heavier bags, I left the city I’ve called home for nearly three years. I did a whirlwind trip of my favourite European cities (Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Berlin) and came back home to Mom and Dad’s suburban palace in Canada.

Not having a job or a city to call home was a first for me and it really rattled the I’ve-got-my-shit-together keener in me. One negative affect of this looming cloud of anxiety and uncertainty has been that I haven’t been able to do things I enjoy – travel, photograph places and blog about them. Why should I waste time blogging when I should be looking for a job?

But before I left London, I managed to take at least one day to do what I love most – pick up my camera and walk around the city.

London London London3 LondonIn a city that houses the population of Wales and Scotland combined, there are always new bits to see. For example, I realised that I’d never been to the Tower of London (living in the borough of Tower Hamlets!) or Greenwich. I also discovered that the best way to get from Tower of London to Greenwich is by taking the boat. And turns out that Greenwich Maritime Museum and the Royal Observatory are quite cool. I can now say that I’ve been in two hemispheres at the same time.

Tower Bridge Gherkin Gherkin Tower Bridge Shard London12 London10 London13 London14I miss London, I really do. I would move back in the heartbeat if I had the chance. For now, it’s time to get my mojo back, dust off my camera and dedicate some times to the hobbies I’ve ignored for far too long.

3 responses

  1. Sigh… I get the craziness of ‘visa issues’ and how it can play havoc with ideal life choices. However terrific you closed your UK jaunt with capturing such fabulous images on London. Best wishes adjusting to life back in Canuck-land!

  2. Oh no sorry to hear of the visa pains! Love the photos. I’m sure London misses you as much as you miss it! Hope you work something out 🙂

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