Month in Toronto 

I came back home in the middle of February. I was told that Toronto was having a mild winter. Then I arrived and the city gave me a warm welcome of -30C weather and back-to-back snowstorms.

Toronto CN Tower Toronto downtown Toronto sign skatingWeather is never an excuse when you’re in Toronto. If you ever find yourself in my hometown in the winter months, just throw on some layers and start eating your way through the neighbourhoods.

I initially thought my trip to Toronto was going to be a transitionary move. I was prepared to make myself comfortable in Mom’s house for a while, decorate my room, and live the suburban dream. This semi-permanent move turned into an extended holiday, and I came back to London sooner than expected.

But, it was a lovely holiday indeed. With a month to spare, I didn’t feel rushed when catching up with friends. I also got a chance to properly rediscover the city. It’s amazing how much Toronto evolves: when I left, it was T-Dot; now it’s the 6ix.

Toronto ROM Toronto Union Station Toronto ROM Toronto Toronto Dineen CoffeeTwo facts that never change: Torontonians are the nicest people in the world, and this city has the greatest food scene.

Some of my old favourites have been replaced with new joints. I dined at a couple of impressive eateries. I brunched like a boss on the weekends and went on a personal mission to find a proper flat white in Toronto. (RSquared and Sorry Coffee Co do the best ones.)

I was actually quite sad saying bye to Toronto this time ‘round. But it was time to come back to the big smoke.

Toronto ROMI’m back in London again. “One more year,” I say every year.

Instead of setting deadlines, I’m just going to enjoy living in London and I look forward to seeing a new Toronto next time I’m back home.

Toronto Kensington Market

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