Vibrant street life, delicious food and more monuments than you can count – Rome is one of the best Europeans cities for a weekend getaway.

I visited Rome for the first time in 2011, and was blown away by all its historical landmarks. Being the whirlwind backpacking trip it was, I didn’t get a chance to immerse myself in the vibe of the city. Thank god for coin I tossed into Trevi fountain, I returned!

During this recent visit, we decided to focus on eating and drinking, and filled the rest of our time by strolling Rome’s beautiful neighbourhoods.

The best way to see Rome is simply by walking around. You turn a corner, and you’re in the most quaint, colourful street. Make another right, and you’re standing next to a historical icon. Rome really is an open-air museum.

There are so many fantastics spots in Rome that everyone has their own trusty recommendations’ list. And here I am to throw mine in the mix.

We spent most of our time in Trastevere and Campo de Fiori, so that’s where most of my recommendations are from.

Where to eat?

Restaurant Saint Lucia – great outdoor dining in a quiet location near Piazza Navona.
Coromandel – Cute, little breakfast spot serving fresh juices and hearty dishes with an American flair.
Osteria da Fortunate – we walked past this restaurant and an Italian lady was rolling fresh pasta in the window. It may have been a marketing tactic, but we were sold. Get their gnocchi!
Emma Pizzeria – Massive space attracting locals and tourists alike. Emma’s garden is a poorly-kept secret, so book ahead if you want to sit outdoors.
Romolo nel Giardino della Fornarina – Attentive service, delicious food and romantic atmosphere. Call ahead and ask to sit outside.

Where to drink?

Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fa – Directly translated it means “But what did you come here for?” And the answer is ‘beer’. This hole-in-the-wall bar has a surprisingly rich selection.
Brakes and clutches (Freni e Frizioni): This hip bar was once an actual garage. Now it’s a great spot to grab a cocktail on warm evenings and enjoy it in the square outside.
Big Star – A neighbourhood bar that’s worth the uphill walk.
Bar del Fico – One of the trendiest places in Rome. Open until late at night, it’s a good place to have drinks with locals.

After this scorching summer visit, I’m already day-dreaming of being back in Rome when the weather cools down and we don’t have to seek shelter from the sun everyone 30 minutes. So please do leave your top recommendations in the comments because I haven’t gotten enough of Rome.

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