Croatia and Bosnia

I spent a week holidaying on the Croatian coast last month. And it was everything!

Crystal clear waters, beautiful sunshine, great company, and lots of doing nothing. Just what a perfect holiday should be.

Unlike other posts, I don’t have a ton of tips or restaurant recommendations because we spent most of our time sunbathing, swimming, eating fresh fruit and sampling local seafood. But, I do have a few photos to bring sunshine to your screens.

We were staying on the Peljesac peninsula in the southern Dalmatian coast. It’s roughly halfway between Dubrovnik and Split, which made it a great spot to settle in and take day trips.

Even though, I’d already been to Dubrovnik before, it was great to re-visit this beautiful spot. This time around, we geeked out by doing a Game of Thrones walking tour. We further geeked out by playing the Game of Thrones board game in the evenings – I’m currently obsessed.

Since we were only a 30 minute drive from the Bosnian border, we took a day trip to Mostar and Kravica waterfalls. It was a teaser trailer of what Bosnia has to offer. Beautiful, raw scenery aside, my highlight was getting stuck in a sheep traffic jam on a highway. True story.

I’d be very keen to check out Sarajevo before passing a full verdict. Maybe next summer?

I can’t believe it’s nearly autumn already. It’s been an exciting summer with lots of city-hopping under the excuse of meeting friends, going to weddings and chasing sunshine. Hope you’ve all enjoyed your summer too! x

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