Prague Lennon wall

Hey you!

Welcome to my personal travel blog. I use this space to post photos of where I went and what I ate. You know, stuff Moms enjoy reading. If you want to read about my professional laurels, please stalk my LinkedIn. If you want to know more about the blog, here’s some info to get you started:

I set up this blog about five years ago to document my travel stories. I never expected anyone – except my Mom – to read it. But, then one year it won the award for Best Travel and Expat Blog at the Canadian Blog Awards. So I gave myself a pat on the back and started updating it more frequently. I don’t get a chance to write as frequently anymore.

I am a Canadian journalist and self-proclaimed globe-trotter. I’m a proud Canadian from Toronno (sic), but my wanderlust has taken me across six continents. I have lived in India, Ethiopia, Denmark, Singapore, England and Australia, and travelled to an additional 40-something countries. I am an instagram addict, a hopeless documentarian and a recovering vegetarian.

I am currently living in London, working at upday, and probably planning my next adventure.


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  1. How fab! Just back from a couple days stop in London on my way back from Canada to my adopted home – India. While never on my radar as a place to ‘live’ from previous trips in the late 80s, could actually see it as a possibility if my partner and I ever decide it is time to move on from India. Bravo for making it happen and am delighted to have stumbled across your blog… see lots of interesting posts!!!

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