Street Art in Berlin

Anne Frank CenterYou don’t need to walk into a gallery in Berlin to see some of the best art this city has to offer. From murals and stencils to graffiti and paste-ups, Berlin is brimming with striking street art. Just stroll around Mitte,¬†Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain to see works from popular artists. While some iconic works (like the Kreuzberg Spaceman and Blu’s murals) are now Berlin landmarks, the street art scene is constantly evolving, largely thanks to the short life span of paste-ups.

I joined an Alternative City Tour to check out the underground culture of Berlin (which I would highly recommend, especially if you don’t know the who’s who of the Berlin art scene).

One of the most popular street artists in Berlin is XOOOOX. His work usually draws inspiration from fashion, but he puts a social commentary spin. Look for his tag stencilled next to all his work.


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Historic Berlin

If Rome is called an ‘open-air museum’, then Berlin is at least a powerfully gripping history lesson. Within half a day of walking around this edgy city, you can see some of the most important landmarks from the last century.

In 1871, Berlin became the capital of reunified Germany. After two horrific wars, the city was divided into East and West Berlin and became the battling grounds for ideological struggles of the Cold War era. Even though modern-day Berlin is precisely as old as I am, the city boasts of so much history, art and culture to make any traveller burst with enthusiasm.

I did a free walking tour with Sandemans (which I would highly recommend), but if you would rather grab a map and explore Berlin on your own, here are some of the must-visit sites to reflect on recent history.

Brandenburg Tor

This iconic German symbol is located in the pedestrian-friendly Pariser Platz. Now a bustling tourist hub, it was the site of many important historical events including Hitler’s selection as German chancellor and Kennedy’s ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ speech.

Brandenburg Gate

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