Sand-surfing in Leon

A big orange truck pulls up outside Bigfoot Hostel in Leon, Nicaragua and 25 people, including me, start piling up inside the ex-military vehicle. Some have to sit in the water cooler, because it is a bigger group than usual. I get the corner seat – good for snapping pictures. Soon, I realize, picture-taking in this bumpy ride will be hard task.

Volcano-surfing boards

The road to Cerro Negro is a rough, uneven drive. The hike up will leave me painfully breathless. And the slide down will be completed on a wooden board at nearly 30 kilometers per hour.

The sand-surfing boards piled in the back of the truck could easily pass for wooden planks with a thick rope. In fact, the first time anyone sand-surfed they used a refrigerator door, so minimalist technology is required. What is needed, are orange overalls and laboratory glasses to prevent serious damage – small damages are intended. It’s part of the thrill. Continue reading