Sandboarding in Peru

When my friend suggested that we could go sandboarding in the Huacachina oasis of Peru, my first thoughts were: “Peru has sand dunes?”

Before my trip this April, I thought IĀ could count the popular Peruvian highlights on one hand: 1Andes, 2Machu Picchu, 3-Amazon, 4-guinea pig and 5-Nazca lines. Since I was already going to experience the first three, not interested in the fourth (note for non-regular readers: I am vegetarian) and couldn’t afford the fifth, I decided to give the lesser-known Peruvian desert a chance. Not to mention, after last year’s embarrassment royale during volcano boarding in Nicaragua, I wanted to prove to myself that I had become better at standing and sitting on planks.

“Sandboarding sounds amazing!” I told my best friend who was living in Peru for a year (read about her Peruvian adventures here). While I was discovering the mystical land of the Incas and realizing that couldn’t be more inaccurate in thinking that Peru only had a handful of major attractions, my friend organized our sandboarding adventure in Huacachina. Continue reading

Reflecting Back on Rajasthan

So far this year I have blogged about Canada, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia, destinations on my way to accomplishing my 11-country-count for 2011. I have gotten some great feedback and encouragement to keep blogging about my travels because some readers have told me it helps them “virtually visit that place”.

That got me thinking, I’d love for my readers to virtually visit my home country, India, through my lens. Then I started digging for any photos I had from my last trip to India in December 2009. Having changed laptops, I can’t locate a chunk of my amateur photography, but below are some images I managed to find and would love to share.

To take a break from the foggy winters of Punjab, my Dad and I, along with my twin first cousins, drove past two states (or provinces if you prefer) and spent a week in Rajasthan. City-hopping from Jaiselmer to Bikaner to Jodhpur, the heat wave and sandy winds brought the team spirit down and we headed home, skipping Jaipur.

A tractor trotting down a deserted road on the outskirts of Bikaner

Marble and sandstone blending in well together in this courtyard of the Bikaner Fort

The interior corridors of the Bikaner Fort have been preserved so well that they are still radiating a golden light

Kinchan, a small town near the Pakistani border, sees a mass migration of cranes during the Winter months

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