Street Art in Berlin

Anne Frank CenterYou don’t need to walk into a gallery in Berlin to see some of the best art this city has to offer. From murals and stencils to graffiti and paste-ups, Berlin is brimming with striking street art. Just stroll around Mitte,¬†Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain to see works from popular artists. While some iconic works (like the Kreuzberg Spaceman and Blu’s murals) are now Berlin landmarks, the street art scene is constantly evolving, largely thanks to the short life span of paste-ups.

I joined an Alternative City Tour to check out the underground culture of Berlin (which I would highly recommend, especially if you don’t know the who’s who of the Berlin art scene).

One of the most popular street artists in Berlin is XOOOOX. His work usually draws inspiration from fashion, but he puts a social commentary spin. Look for his tag stencilled next to all his work.


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Melbourne’s Graffiti Walls

Before I went to Melbourne, many of my Aussie friends told me, “Roop, you’ll love Melbourne – it’s so artsy!”

I have seen cities and neighbourhoods drown in an overdose of forced artsy-ness, so I was slightly skeptical as I started exploring Melbourne’s CBD. But, my worries were misplaced. Melbourne is the¬†right kind of artsy: the buskers are in love with their music, the street art is organic, and the thriving alleyways are rich cultural communities.

During a short free walking tour of Melbourne, graffiti walls grabbed my attention. After the orientation, I grabbed a map indicating the city’s most impressive graffiti walls, and set out on an afternoon of exploration with another Canadian.

Here are some of my favourite shots:

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South Bank: A mosaic

London is brimming with options for things to do, places to visit and foods to eat. Over the eight days that I spent re-exploring London as an adult (the last time I was in London was 9 years ago), I mentally bookmarked some pockets of the city as my favourites. One of them was the South Bank.

As the name suggests, this area of London is located along the South side of River Thames. Formerly known as the Lambeth Marsh, this area wasn’t used as actively as a port as its northern counterpart. Instead, South Bank has always been an entertainment district, boasting of food and entertainment options, as well as, art exhibits. Nowadays it is a popular tourist area in Central London that also acts as a hang-out spot for flocks of young locals.

I spent a fair bit of my first day in London exploring and eating at South Bank with my dear friend Catherine, a London local who happily volunteered to be my tour-guide and co-photographer for the entirety of my British visit.

Enjoy South Bank and stay tuned for more London flavours.

Catherine and I stumbled upon the 'South Bank Mosaics' exhibit. The mosaics represented various facets of South Bank.

Caught in action: My Canon checking itself out in the mirrors of the mosaic

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