It appears to be nothing more than a complex of fortified walls and barbed wire, but it’s the site of one of the most horrific genocides in human history. The walls and fields of the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps, respectively, have a bloody history that casts a sombre cloud over these sites. Barracks, gallows, gas chambers, cremation ovens… these are the elements that make up this concentration camp.

As sombre of an experience as it is, everyone with an appreciation for history and humanity needs to visit this place while in Poland. Usually, I would write more about any place I have visited, but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.


Culinary adventures in Kraków

Eating out in Denmark can get really expensive. And let’s admit it: a little too healthy! So, when my roommates and I went to Kraków for a weekend in late October, we made it a point to take advantage of all the cheap, delicious and fatty comfort foods. We were fully aware that eating out in Kraków was cheap, but we didn’t realize how good it was until we experienced it for ourselves.

If you are heading to Kraków, here are some of the restaurants that we loved and recommend:


Why we decided to have Mexican food on our first night in Poland, we don’t know, but I am glad we did. Manzana is a classy Mexican restaurant located in the Kazimierz district (Jewish quarter). Having travelled to many places in Latin America, I’d say I am bit of a connoisseur when it comes to Latin food and I am happy to report that most of their gourmet dishes that are actually pretty authentic. If you can’t handle the Latino spice, they’ll tone it down for you. And as a vegetarian, I have to give them 20 bonus points for having a whole vegetarian section.

PS: The drinks are stellar and if you aren’t in mood for a cocktail, just admire their good-looking bar! Continue reading