To say that Slovenia is stunning, would be an understatement. The small central European country is often overlooked in comparison to it’s popular neighbours – Italy, Austria, Hungary and the Balkans. But, Slovenia borrows something from each of its neighbours making it a travel destination that suits every palette.

Outdoor pursuits and culinary delights are Slovenia’s biggest offering. It takes less than five hours to drive the length of this country, so our four-day road trip should have been plenty of time to thoroughly explore Slovenia. But, as the saying goes, don’t judge a country by it’s size. There is always another restaurant, another winery, another hiking trail to explore in this little gem of a country Continue reading


Last minute trips end up being some of the best ones. Which is big of me to admit because trip-planning is half the fun for me. Notes, spreadsheets, Google Docs – I go the whole nine yards prepping for a trip.

But, this trip to Chicago was as sudden as it was fun.

michigan avenue chicago ChicagoTurns out that I am heading back to London after all (ignore everything I said in my last blog post). So, my best friend and I decided to use my last weekend in North America to visit our girlfriend in Chicago. We filled up the gas tank, drove across the border and followed the I-94 all the way to Chi-Town.

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Mile Zero

Folks may recall an older blog post where I introduced two of my friends, Jean-Francois Taylor and Remy Sexsmith, who were raising money for an exciting journey and an important cause: they were going to ride their scooters from Toronto to Mile Zero in Victoria and raise money for prostate cancer research.

I am happy to report back that they raised more than their goal and had a fantastic trip, snippets of which can now be seen through a short film I recently edited. Mile Zero is a narrative documentary where J-F and Remy talk about their motivations behind this trip, the highlights, the boredom of the Prairies and the catharsis. You can watch the film here and feel free to share it:

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